Due to new developments, we have temporarily unpublished the latest article about Nathan Guerrette, a Montrealer who has participated in several neo-Nazi forums online.

Mr. Guerrette, as well as some members of his entourage who seem sincere, has informed us that he has embarked on a process of “reform” and “deradicalization”. See the email he sent us below.

Since we have no reason to doubt the sincerity of this assertion, and as a token of good faith, we have unpublished this article in order to be able to pursue a line of communication with Mr. Guerrette and his entourage. What we will ask at the very least, however, is that he issue a more official statement disavowing his past activities on all the platforms associated with his name.

We invite you to follow this process and we commit to keeping Montreal Antifasciste supporters informed of all developments.