Commission was a magazine published by the Groupe de recherche sur l’extrême droite et ses allié-e-s (GREDA), “a research and action network focused on the phenomenon in Quebec and Canada. In the Spring of 1996, individuals came together to lay the groundwork and to develop a work plan. Coming from various milieux (antifascism, popular groups, academia), members of GREDA identified the need to structure the research being done and to contribute to the debate about what we refer to as the movement of restoration that is gaining more and more ground in our society.”

  • Commission #1 novembre-décembre 1996 (Les orphelins de Groulx, Pétain, Franco, Salazar et Benito; Pas nazis, justes patriotes et corporatistes; Le nouveau visage du corporatisme québécois: économie sociale ou contrôle social?; À propos des événements de l’été 1996)
  • Commission #2 février, mars 1997 (Une armée au bord de la crise de nerfs, Les vraies couleurs du nationalisme territorial, La “LAM” une entreprise hasardeuse?, Une analyse de la situation avec CAERS)



Ruptures was the French-language magazine of the North-East Federation of Anarchist Communists.


Québec Facho-Watch

Québec Facho-Watch was a blog project active between 2011 and 2012. They were documenting the resurgence of the militant Far-Right in Québec at the time.