Founded in March 2017, Montréal Antifasciste has actively fought against the rise of the far right in Quebec. Our projects have included the organization of antifascist and antiracist demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, the production and distribution of informational materials and resources about far-right groups and individuals in Quebec (and how to oppose them), street stickering and postering, and the coordination of transportation for antifascist events and outreach taking place outside Montreal. We have produced a number of workshops and written material about the Quebec far right, and we maintain an active website at

While we wish we could have done more and are painfully aware of opportunities that we missed, projects we were unable to sustain, and goals that we fell short of, we nonetheless feel that we have accomplished important work over the past three years:

  1. producing public exposés, research, and analysis about the Quebec far right, both countering “fake news” and also shedding light on the politics, connections, and conflicts within the far right, through our website, workshops, and written materials.
  2. providing research and intelligence “behind the scenes” to individuals and groups targeted by the far right.
  3. participating in numerous solidarity events and mobilizations alongside communities directly targeted by the far right.
  4. countering the far right on the streets, organizing demonstrations to block them when they have tried to organize in Montreal.
  5. providing security at events targeted by far right trolls.
  6. mobilizing people from Montreal in solidarity with antifascists in other cities.

Capitalist conditions being what they are, it is not free or even cheap to realize all of these projects. To do what we do, we need money — we receive no grants from foundations or governments, and we have yet to receive one of those fabled Soros cheques. If you support our work, and would like to contribute financially to our current and future projects, we encourage you to make a donation! All donations received will go directly toward financing our work to oppose the far right in Montreal and Quebec as a whole.

Feel free to share this call in friendly networks, and thanks in advance for your support!

Love and solidarity,

– Montréal Antifasciste