This website is the work of people in the Montreal region who are concerned with the rise of the far right in Quebec and with the disinformation that these groups are spreading in Quebec society to legitimize their hateful and exclusionary identity-based politics.
We oppose all racist, xenophobic, and anti-immigrant discourse, particularly the anti-Islamic agitation the populist right and far right have been fuelling for years now.

Promoting disinformation and sowing confusion are among the tactics used by contemporary far-right currents to spread their noxious ideas and legitimize their discourse.They use both a campaign of distortion and the defense of universally recognized values as a means of hiding their true intentions. For example, making a big deal out of “freedom of expression,” so as to “freely express” their Islamophobia and deliberately exaggerate the threat that Sharia law will be imposed on Western societies as a means of opposing a welcoming acceptance of refugees from majority Muslim countries.

We developed this website specifically to counter this pernicious disinformation and the grave consequences it has for the communities directly affected.

We are determined to resist by any means necessary the rise of the far right and its racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic identity-based programme.

They will not pass.