For a number of years, the Montréal Antifasciste collective has worked to expose individuals who exercise a certain influence in far-right and fascist circles in Québec.

There are always individuals whose influence is obviously limited but whose activity on social media indicates a profound engagement with fascist and Nazi principles and who, in an offhand way, contributes to the normalization of intolerance and hate online. We feel that the open expression of these sort of ideas (e.g., the hatred of Jews and the glorification of the Holocaust) should have consequences.

Saint-Jérôme resident Simon Fleurant is just such an individual.

We don’t see much point to droning on about his case. Instead, we chose to let the following collection of screen captures from his Facebook accounts speak for themselves. What follows is but a selection; we have archived dozens of similar posts and pictures.

It would seem that Simon Fleurant, who openly identifies as a Nazi, will soon start working for the Saint-Jérôme Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership. You can find their contact information here.

Simon Fleurant will soon start working for the Saint-Jérôme Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership…

… or has he started working there already?

We recommend that the dealership’s clientele give some thought to the fact that the company is employing a Nazi hipster who literally celebrates the extermination of Jews… (EDIT: The day after this article was published, the dealership commented on Montréal Antifasciste’s Facebook page to confirm that they terminated Simon Fleurant’s employment.)

Simon Fleurant also worked until very recently for the tailor Surmesur. (EDIT: Shortly after this article was published, we were informed that Fleurant no longer works there. He was, however, part of promotional video which was uploaded to Surmesur’s Facebook page and is still accessible there.)

Warning: This article reproduces screen captures with explicitly anti-Semitic, racist, and antifeminist content.



Simon Fleurant’s personal profile page was still active as of September 10, 2020.


Simon Fleurant’s “professional” profile page was still active as of September 10, 2020.


Simon Fleurant’s “Amon Göth” profile page was still active as of September 10, 2020.


Simon Fleurant describes himself as a National Socialist (Nazi) and a “super fascist.”


Simon Fleurant is what we call a “nipster”—a fascist hipster. His profile resembles that of a number of bottom feeders who identify with “alt-right” political culture, as well as with a traditional identitarian (or ethnic) nationalism strongly influenced by the historical fascist and Nazi currents.


Amon Göth was the SS bureaucrat responsible for the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp in Poland during World War II. Clearly, he serves as a role model for Simon Fleurant.


Oswald Mosely was the UK’s most important twentieth-century fascist politician. The use of triple parentheses is alt-right code to signify “Jews” without having to mention them. Likewise, the term globalism is a coded white nationalist euphemism for the Jews.


Notice the Sonnenrad (black sun) in the upper right-hand corner of this profile photo. The black sun is an occult symbol often used by neo-Nazis.


Simon Fleurant sees himself as a “super fascist.” We note in passing that he regularly uses his personal profile page to “like” his own fascist projections.


Simon Fleurant is unabashedly and grotesquely antisemitic.


Another antisemitic meme on Simon Fleurant’s Amon Göth profile page.


Simon Fleurant isn’t trying to hide his hatred of Jews on his Amon Göth profile page.


“(…) I’ll let you live for now (…)”


The imperial German navy’s war banner.


“qt white babies”


Apparently, for Simon Fleurant, true love is based on a shared commitment . . . to Nazism.


Simon Fleurant clearly thinks he’s the shit.



Simon Fleurant used his personal Facebook page to enthusiastically share the neo-Nazi image that the author of the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand would use as an illustration for his “manifesto” a few months later (March 15, 2019).


Simon Fleurant isn’t shy about using his personal Facebook page to share antisemitic disinformation.


Using his personal Facebook page, Simon Fleurant recently shared a video, making reference to the music clip from which the phrase “remove kebab” originated. That phrase is a cliché used by neo-Nazis to make light of and ridicule the ethnic cleansing of Muslims. The Christchurch terrorist was listening to the song in his car when he launched his March 15, 2019, attack against two mosques, killing fifty-one Muslims.


Simon Fleurant claims that he uses his free time at work to “red pill” his colleagues. “Red pill” is a reference to the film The Matrix and has been widely adopted by white nationalists to describe a so-called growth of consciousness leading to a break with dominant social values. His current and future employers would doubtless be fascinated to know how he amuses himself at work.


On his personal Facebook page, Simon Fleurant “likes” an antisemitic meme.


Simon Fleurant mocks a client’s name, presumably while working for the tailor Surmesur.


Simon Fleurant tries his hand at racist humour.


A perfect example of the sugarcoated white nationalist discourse—or, more to the point, Nazi discourse. Note that the word globalism is superimposed on the Star of David.


Simon Fleurant recently posted this image on his personal Facebook page.


A grotesquely racist meme posted by Simon Fleurant on his personal Facebook page.


Simon Fleurant posted this anti-Semitic meme on his personal Facebook page. The portraits are of two mass murderers: Santigo William Legan (Gilroy, California) and Patrick Wood Crusius (El Paso, Texas). Neither one is Jewish and both embraced anti-Semitic and racist ideas.


Simon Fleurant declares some people suitable for extermination on his personal Facebook page.


For Simon Fleurant, there is no such thing as equality, and there should be no such thing as feminism.


Simon Fleurant recently posted this meme glorifying Kyle Rittenhouse, the young conservative militia member who killed two men and injured another at an antiracist demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25, 2020.


– Epilogue –

It would seem that this article has already had repercussions for Simon Fleurant. He has closed his “professional” Facebook page and limited access to his personal Facebook page. As to his “Amon Göth” page, he claims it was a fake account opened by “antifa people” to destroy his life.

While his “friends” are telling him to deny everything, he says that he will “take the lead” and meet his new employer first thing in the morning, probably hoping that his tale of a fake account will stick.

However, he must have read the article too quickly, because we clearly stated in it that we have archived dozens of his posts, and not only from the “Amon Göth” account, but also of his personal account “Simon Royale Fleurant”. —> See another significant sample of these posts here. Fleurant is not only a Nazi on his Nazi account, he is also quite a Nazi on his personal account! Moreover, as we indicated and as can be seen above in the article, Simon Royale Fleurant has very often “liked” the posts of “Amon Göth”!

As for the employer, they commented on Montreal Antifascist’s Facebook page to say that they are taking the situation very seriously. Let’s bet that this morning meeting will be interesting…

It is obvious that Simon Fleurant is panicking and is trying to save face by inventing a ridiculous excuse for himself. Rest assured that we intend to make him pay the social cost of being a Nazi hipster in 2020. To this end, your help is invaluable to us: continue to share our articles and don’t hesitate to forward them to the relatives and employers of the individuals in question.