Warning: this article contains explicitly homophobic, racist, and antisemitic elements.


Following the publication of our article Conspiracy Theorists and Neo-Nazis: Who Are the Organizers of the July 8Anti-LGBTQ+ Demonstration in Québec City,” a certain amount of new information has been brought to our attention. Developments over the past week should leave no doubt as to the racist and homophobic nature of the young organizers. One of them even communicated privately with Montréal Antifasciste and admitted to being a neo-Nazi!



Addendum : We should first mention that the day after the article was published, one of the young people mentioned in it contacted us on the advice of a friend. He swears that Lucas Boucher Thériault added him as a co-organizer without his consent. He assures us that he has no political affinity with the other two organizers, and that he never intended to organize or even take part in this demonstration. He said that he had followed the fascist pages solely for the purpose of obtaining information and “trolling.” He also claims that Justin Crépeau set up the denunciation against him, and that Crépeau is the real mastermind behind the July 8 demonstration, along with Lucas Boucher Thériault. On the basis of the evidence available to us, we have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and to amend the article accordingly.



On the evening of Sunday, June 25, the day the article was published, Carl Giroux hosted a live chat on his LibreChoix page with François Amalega . . . and none other than young Justin Crépeau.

We learned a number of interest things:

  • Justin Crépeau confirmed that he is one of the organizers of the anti-LGBTQ+ demonstration in Quebec City on July 8.
  • The catalyst for this was the LGBTQ+ week organized at his school (école secondaire Le Sommet, in Lac Beauport) a few weeks ago.
  • Crépeau took part in an action to disrupt Pride activities and was a member of a Messenger group that made death threats against the LGBTQ+ community, following which he was arrested and investigated by the police.
  • It was Justin Crépeau’s mother Chantal Crépeau who, following these events, suggested that her son contact François Amalega to “defend his rights,” and it was Amalega who proposed that he organize a demonstration.
  • Crépeau insists he isn’t a homophobe (lol).
  • According to Crépeau, anti-fascists support paedophilia or they wouldn’t demonstrate against anti-LGBTQ+ conspiracies. Interesting mental gymnastics, but, uh, no.
  • He went on to evoke the concept of the “Matrix” developed by misogynist influencer Andrew Tate, who is currently imprisoned in Romania, charged with multiple counts of rape, human trafficking, and creating a criminal enterprise for the purpose of sexually exploiting women.
  • He discussed other key concepts popular in the conspiracy theory milieu, such as the role of the “plandemic” in his “great awakening.”
  • He says he is not afraid of the consequences.
  • He expects no fewer than four to five hundred participants at the July 8 demonstration and hopes thousands will turn out.

It is now doubtful that this mobilization will be all that successful. At the time of writing, the organization of the July 8 demonstration is in complete disarray. Since June 29, Lucas Boucher Thériault is the only organizer listed on Facebook, all the other organizers having withdrawn, including François Amalega and Carl Giroux.


On June 28, conspiracy theory vlogger Simon Fournier, aka “Petit Albert,” who is an enthusiastic supporter of the current transphobic crusade and is himself quite hateful in his personal activities, decided to publicly withdraw his support for the demonstration in a live video, citing the neo-Nazi involvement.

He refrained from naming Sylvain Marcoux, but we don’t share his scruples. In fact, we’re going to post screenshots that show the feud within the “Comité Anti Grooming des écoles” group. The group’s administrator, young Justin Crépeau (under the pseudonym “Anti anti Québec”), thought it was a good idea to invite neo-Nazi Sylvain Marcoux, but the situation quickly degenerated when the other participants, including Carl Giroux and Simon Fournier, took exception to Marcoux’s “extremist” (i.e., homophobic, racist, and antisemitic) comments.

Let’s first provide evidence that Justin Crépeau is the group’s admin: 1) we can already see that the “Anti anti Québec” avatar is the same as Justin Crépeau’s Facebook avatar; 2) Crépeau reproduces a post in which he is named; 3) Crépeau shares a disgusting meme in the group that he also posted on the “anti_grooming_québec” public page:

Sylvain Marcoux is neo-Nazi scum of the worst kind, and he makes no secret of it. In his sclerotic brain, he imagines himself to be the sole truth-holder, and anyone who challenges his paranoid worldview in even the slightest way immediately becomes the target of attacks and mockery. So it’s hardly surprising that the private conversation went off the rails:

In quick succession, Carl Giroux and Simon Fournier jumped ship when it became clear that the organizing committee for the July 8 demonstration had been infiltrated by hard-line neo-Nazis:

Finally, seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, Justin Crépeau decided to eject Sylvain Marcoux from the group in an attempt to stem the hemorraging, but the damage had been done:

François Amalega waited until June 29 to announce his withdrawal:

Against all expectations, on the same evening, Justin Crépeau disassociated himself from his own demonstration:

With Justin Crépeau no longer listed as an organizer, the future of the anti-LGBTQ+ demonstration on July 8 now seems more uncertain than ever. In fact, if the comments under the “Petit Albert” video are anything to go by (notably those of Jean-Philippe Labbé, Sylvain Marcoux’s pathetic underling), to the extent that the event actually goes ahead, it will officially be a neo-Nazi demonstration! Crépeau left a comment on YouTube to “set the record straight”:



Justin’s mother, Chantal Crépeau, wrote to us on June 25, accusing us of defaming her son and informing us that “lawyers’ letters [are] on the way.” A quick look at her Facebook account reveals that she is up to her eyeballs in conspiracy theory–mongering and subscribes to the anti-LGBTQ+ moral panic.

Unfortunately for Mme Crépeau, while we cannot prove that the neo-Nazi accounts mentioned in the article are linked to her son (nor have we ever said they were), we have obtained a large number of screenshots from several sources that confirm beyond doubt that he is explicitly homophobic, antisemitic, and racist, despite his denials. For a time, he even had a swastika as his avatar, which should eliminate any ambiguity!

Young Crépeau is particularly active on the Discord platform, where he regularly changes his avatar and user name, but generally retains the nickname “Jujux”:

Justin Crépeau created the “Conservateurs du Québec” Discord server:

It’s obvious that he is particularly fond of the N-word, because he uses it so frequently and in so many different ways. He also displays unbridled anti-indigenous racism:

Justin’s voice is recognizable in this recording. Warning: racist language.


Even more alarming than his outright racism, Justin Crépeau has made explicit threats of violence against another user on the platform:

Where Is This Hatred Coming From?

As we have indisputably shown, Justin is clearly under the influence of online hate propaganda, in particular that of the neo-Nazi Sylvain Marcoux and his entourage. That’s what should worry Mme Crépeau if she really has her son’s best interests at heart. A little guidance probably wouldn’t do him any harm. Unless, of course, she sees nothing wrong with his behaviour.

On June 28, a former student burst into a classroom at the University of Waterloo and stabbed a male student, a female student, and the professor, for no other reason than it was a gender studies course. It appears that these attacks were “motivated by hate.” Whether conspiracy theorists admit it or not, their efforts to demonize LGBTQ+ communities lead directly to this kind of violence. Hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people are on the rise in the US and Canada. The young fanatics who tried to organize the July 8 demonstration are entirely in line with this trend, and it’s time for the community to take steps to put a definitive stop to all this hatred before any more violent incidents occur.

It is in this spirit that you are invited to take part in the counterdemonstration organized by Divergenres in Québec City on July 8, where an anti-fascist contingent will be present.



Bonus Track: What Does Lucas Boucher Thériault Think About All of This?

Even as we were writing this second part of the article, Lucas Boucher Thériault thought it would be a good idea to write to us on Messenger and thank us for helping to boost his credibility.

We are reproducing the gist of our conversation with him here and leave it to our readers to assess its effect on his credibility.