The Three Percenters  are a right-wing militia that require individuals to hold a firearms license in order to become members. The Quebec Three Percenters wish to defend Quebec against a possible invasion of the Islamic State and advocate for the end of non-white immigration.


The Three Percenters are a group inspired by a US paramilitary organizations of the same name formed after the election of Barack Obama in 2008 (the “3%” comes from the myth that only 3% of Americans participated in the War of independence against the British). The III% militia as they are often called, promises armed resistance against any effort to block the right to own guns. However, their political aims includes much more than just a pro-gun position. In the United States, the Three Percenters have been actively involved in illegitimate patrols along the border with Mexico, blocking immigrant-filled buses already detained and organizing anti-refugee rallies. III% militia members demonstrated in front of mosques, and were involved in a number of violent acts, including one incident in November 2015, when one of the group’s supporters shot five people at a Black Lives Matter rally in Minneapolis. For their part, the Canadian section of the III% was formed in 2016.


The III% operate in a highly decentralized fashion, with several small autonomous cells across the province.

Known Activity

Although they have yet used armed violence against their targets so far, the Alberta section of the group says they train with guns on a weekly basis. Also in Alberta, on August 6, a homophobic and transphobic protest organized by the Pawlowski Church for the “defense of Christendom” in front of Calgary City Hall led to violent clashes between far right individuals (including members of the Canadian Combat Coalition and the World Coalition against Islam) and pro-LGBTQ protesters. Members of the Three Percenters also demonstrated with Storm Alliance and La Meute on November 25 in Quebec City and several people close to the movement also declared themselves ready to participate in a demonstration against the gun registry on December 2, 2017, at the site in memory of the victims of the massacre at the Polytechnic College in 1989, during which 14 women were murdered by Marc Lépine, an anti-feminist. (This event was eventually transformed into a “get together” in a sugar shack in Neuville, near Quebec City.)


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