“Welcome to the official Blood & Honour page—the Québec division of the nationalist identitairian secular movement for a National Socialist autocracy.”

We were shocked to read this introduction to a new Facebook page that appeared on Saturday, November 3 in the early afternoon, announcing the formation of a “Québec Division” of the openly neo-Nazi “Blood & Honour”:

What is Blood & Honour?

Blood & Honour, an international neo-Nazi organization founded in the UK in 1987, takes its name from the Hitler Youth slogan Blut und Ehre, and from a song of that title by the white power band Skrewdriver. Initially rooted in the Rock Against Communism scene, Blood & Honour sections have sprung across the planet over the years. Blood and Honour remains a largely bonehead organization fully committed to neo-Nazi principles and regularly involved in violent actions.

Sometime around 2010, local sections were formed in western Canada. Their members were involved in numerous acts of aggression against people of colour and antifascists, including a particularly horrifying incident where a Filipino man sleeping on a couch outdoors in Vancouver was set on fire. Criminal proceedings and a split within the organization, followed by an antifascist hacking of the Blood & Honour website in 2012, made it possible to publish the names and addresses of members. These setbacks resulted in the group became increasingly low-key and effectively inactive for a number of years. Local sections do, however, continue to exist in British Columbia and Alberta.

The surprising formation and brief existence of a “Québec Division” of Blood & Honour is the first effort we are aware of to establish an official presence in Québec, where the Rock Against Communism scene is dominated by the Légitime Violence boneheads, the leading light of Raf Stomper/Raphaël Lévesque’s Atalante.

Who could be behind this “québec division” of Blood & Honour?

The item published on the new Facebook page was a sort of manifesto of the organization’s values. It was signed by one Michael Roch and linked to the website of the organization in the United Kingdom. The  Blood& Honour Worldwide mentions a Canadian section, but says nothing about a Québec “Division.”

The mysterious “Québec Division” Facebook page redirected us to blog that was “under construction,” administered by a certain Michael Roch’s gmail account:

A quick search led us to the only Facebook account of a Michael Roch in the “nationalist” sphere, a certain Sgn Michael (Roch). The handful of public photos that this individual posted led us to believe that he was in the military.

Only a few minutes after of the Blood & Honour—Division Québec page was initially posted, Agloolik Wolf’s Facebook account was the first among those we follow in the nationalist milieu to share it and encourage his friends to “like” it:

Who is Agloolik Wolf?

Agloolik Wolf is an active member of La Meute, photographed here sporting his La Meute sweatshirt in happier days.

Until recently Agloolik was part of La Garde, La Meute’s “elite” security unit. He is pictured below between Mario Roy (Storm Alliance and La Meute) and Steeve L’Artiss Charland (La Meute Council).

Agoolik Wolf is a very disturbing individual, who is nothing like the standard profile of a Nazi. He claims to be part of the Innu nation and has argued for an alliance of the Québécois de souche and First Nations since his earliest days in La Meute. Up to this point, we thought of him as part of the “moderate” tendency within la Meute.

Agloolik (an Inuit word) is the standard bearer for this alliance between the Québécois and First Nations in opposition to so-called illegal immigration:

This seems to be part of a public relations operation masterminded by Sylvain “Maikan” (which means “wolf” in Innu) Brouillette following his assumption of the leadership of La Meute.

This attempted alliance clearly went nowhere, given the disappointment Agloolik expressed the day after a number of First Nations members demonstrated . . . against La Meute alongside antifascists.

The recent setback for the identitarian group at the border of Kanesatake, immortalized in a video shared more than eight hundred times, couldn’t have been good for morale.

Nonetheless, Agloolik, who regularly posts live video on Facebook, has a significant following and a certain influence within La Meute. Up to this point, he has provided La Meute with a youthful “antiracist” façade, however, it only takes a bit of research to dispose of the gentleman’s somewhat innocent image.

Agloolik Wolf is really just a run-of-the-mill La Meute member—an Islamophobe and a racist.


Like most La Meute members, his Islamophobia is seamlessly melded with the most absurd of conspiracy theories. Here, in a discussion about “survivalism” with Monsieur Cochon Bacon, there in an exchange with Mélanie Gagné, whose racist Facebook posts were recently flagged by Xavier Camus. He clearly states that he created his Facebook page specifically to talk freely about the “dangers posed by Islam.”

He is also openly anti-feminist and transphobic, as well as sharing the crude anticommunism common among identitarian nationalists.

A quick glance at his “likes” gives us an idea of who he is. From the racist Fédération des Québécois de souche to the fascist Atalante, by way of the anti-Semitic and transphobic DMS, and a variety of other suspect interests, we arrive at sadly banal picture of a far-right, racist reactionary in Québec in 2018.

Contrary to the image he wants to project, he is unquestionably a far-right racist. Agloolik Wolf protested in the extreme when, on the evening before the La Meute’s July 1, 2018 demonstration in Montréal, a representative of the City’s public security service described La Meute as more or less Nazi.


By founding a Québec Division of Blood & Honour, Agloolik Wolf, alias Sgn Michael (Roch), a member La Meute’s La Garde security unit, proves that he is not that all that allergic to the neo-Nazi label.

How did we connect these two accounts to a single individual?

Quite a bit of evidence and a number of crossovers allowed us to quickly connect the two accounts to a single person and to firmly establish that this person, La Meute member Agloolik Wolf, was behind the Québec “Division” of the Nazi terrorist organization Blood & Honour.

A number of clues led us to this conclusion:

A traditionalist Innu comrade from Pessamit confirmed that the first name of the person hiding behind the pseudonym Agloolik Wolf is “Michael,” that he had been in the military, and that he had been adopted by a Québécois family.

The word “autocracy” used on the Blood & Honour—Division Québec page doesn’t appear anywhere on the official Blood & Honour website. However, it appears to be a preferred buzzword for Agloolik Wolf, who released a Facebook live video on the theme in July.

We knew that both accounts belonged to someone in the military, given the photos published and Akloolik’s statements.

The tank squad:


A charming young man:

Keeping good company:

Drifting ever rightward:


Among the tip-offs, Agloolik made the mistake of sharing the same photo on his two accounts:

This made it easy for to quickly ascertain that Agloolik Wolf and Michael Roch/Sgn Michael were the same person. But it doesn’t end there: these two Facebook accounts were also connected to a third that was closed some months ago: Éric Mickael Séguin.

The name Éric Mickael Séguin is also connected to the Twitter account @RicoZegow, which is currently inactive but still existent:

Everything points to Séguin being Agloolik’s actual family name; that’s the name that appears on his uniform in this photo, where he is flanked by the cop Picard (sporting the Thin Blue Line badge used by the racist Blue Lives Matter countermovement).

It seems that he is no longer in the military. In this photo, taken in June, he appears to be wearing either a nurse or orderly’s uniform:


It is difficult to determine whether his real first name is Éric or Michael, but we still have enough evidence to connect the three accounts and present a portrait of this individual: a former member of the military, perhaps an officer, an active La Meutemember, a member of the La Meute security team at demonstrations and private meetings, a member of La Garde until he resigned three weeks ago (at the time, he released a mystical-political explaining that his struggle “lies elsewhere”), influential within La Meute, and, as an Innu, a standard bearerfor Brouillette’s “politics of inclusion.”

While many of his close associates “liked” the new Blood & Honour page, there were others who questioned a La Meute member playing such a role in an openly Nazi organization.

At approximately 5:00 p.m., less than four hoursafter posting the Blood & Honour page, he closed his two Facebook pages (Agloolik Wolf andSgn Michael), the Blood & Honour—Division Québec Facebook page, and the associated blog. Unfortunately for him, we were able to grab a certain number of screenshots.

It’s possible that the La Meute Council thought that it was a less than stellar idea for one of its officers, and therefore a key member, to be promoting an openly Nazi organization that defends genocide of alleged inferior “races” for the advance of the “white race.”

What was the impact of this new page?

Among the various “likes,” we find an unsurprising collection of neo-Nazis, including Phil SoWhat (Philippe Gendron, of the Soldiers of Odina fascist groupuscule currently in total disarray), as well as, and perhaps more disturbingly, people of a certain age with profiles that appear banal and far removed from Nazism, including members of groups like La Meute (Rhoda Bourque, Christine Boily) and Storm Alliance (Patricia Celtic Gagnon) and simple“patriots.”

Patricia Celtic Gagnon, Veronique Bedard-Lafrance, Phil SoWhat and Rhoda Bourque like Blood & Honour


Danielle Ménard, Christine Léveillé, Hélène Paulin, Sue Sue, Boily Christine and Omer Doucet like Blood & Honour


Chantaline Lariviere, Veronique Bedard-Lafrance, Sue Sue, Yolande Ruest, Stephane Bergeron, Jonas Cheni et Joanne Verdun like the founding principles of Blood & Honour


Yolande Ruest, Stephane Bergeron, Jonas Chenil, Joanne Verdun, Andrée Lyn Filion et Jacqueline Bernier like the founding principles of Blood & Honour

This is precisely the problem with a group like La Meute, of whichAgloolik Wolf, alias Michael Roch, alias Éric MickaelSéguin, is a member: the capacity to act as an incubator and recruiting site for far more radical groups like Blood & Honour.

We already noted and denounced this phenomenon a year ago, on November 25, 2017, when Atalante and the Soldiers of Odin unfurled a nationalist banner on the ramparts in Québec City, to an enthusiastic reception from those within in the ranks of La Meuteand the Storm Alliancedemonstrating at the National Assembly that day.

The problem with these “identitarian nationalist populists” is that they facilitate contact between hundreds of members ofthe “soft” far right and far more radical organizations.

We can draw a number of conclusions:

  • A member of the Canadian army quietly climbed up the ranks of La Meute, becoming part of LaGarde, a high-level post in the organization’s security and discipline apparatus;
  • this person actively and publicly participated in La Meute’s security service, effectively a private militia, and he did so openly with his face uncovered for many months while still in the military, with absolutely no reaction from the Canadian Armed Forces, which boasts about its zero-tolerance policy;
  • this same La Meute officer attempted to found a Québec Division of the neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honour, receiving more than one hundred “likes” in the few hours it existed, many of them from La Meute members.

What we’ve uncovered raises more questions than it provides answers, and some of these questions are unsettling. Using different pseudonyms, this person presented himself as a “non-racist” La Meute member, only to go on to create a neo-Nazi website, all the while being a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and presenting himself as Indigenous. What the hell? Are we simply dealing with a confused person? Is this an intelligence operation gone wrong? These are questions to keep in mind while watching to see where this whole strange story of Agloolik/Roch/Séguin goes.

Our tawdry little tale is in the end of little immediate political consequence. There doesn’t seem like there will be a Blood&Honour—Division Québec. Nonetheless, it does allow us to question the true nature of La Meute. After all, the organization has been trying to clean up its image and regain a foothold for several months now. What this story does provide is the ultimate evidence of the need to continue to fight against La Meute, which has been a racist and Islamophobic organization from the get-go, one founded by soldiers and organized like a paramilitary militia.


As we publish this text, ten days after the events in question, the Facebook accounts of Agloolik Wolf and Michael Sgn (without the“Roch”) have reappeared. While Agloolik Wolf appears to have resumed his normal activities (regular posts about things to do with La Meute and the far right), Michael Sgn provides the key that allows us to determine that this central La Meute member and the founder of Blood&Honour—Division Québec are the same person: with his new profile photo, Michael “Roch” Séguin leaves us with no doubt that he and Agloolik Wolf are one and the same.