This is the text of a flier that will be distributed on August 16 from 8am to 11am in front of the courthouse in Montreal (1 Notre Dame Est) during a festive gathering against Atalante — for more information see the Facebook event here:

The Fascists from Atalante are not welcome in Montréal (or anywhere else)

On August 16, 2018, Raphaël Lévesque, aka Raf Stomper, the sad little man who leads the neo-fascist groupuscule Atalante has an appearance at the Palais de Justice in Montréal. This collection of racist asswipes, primarily active in Québec City, has carried out a number of actions in Montréal recently, in the hope of raising their profile in our city. This includes creating the ruckus at the Vice office that is the source of the charges Lévesque faces today.

We’re here today to let Atalante and its sympathizers know that they will never be welcome (or safe) in Montréal.

The fascists will continue to be constrained to sneak attacks and nighttime actions, unless they want to risk reprisals from the Montréal antifascist movement. And any time we know they’re around, they’ll find us dogging their sorry asses. That’s a promise!

What is Atalante?

Atalante is a fascist group formed by members of the Québec City hardcore band Légitime Violence and the racist countercultural skinhead scene that gravitated to them (the Québec City “Stomper Crew”). Atalante reflects the ambition of the group of boneheads gathered around Raphaël Lévesque and Benjamin Bastien to create a political wing for spreading their toxic ideology.

Atalante left behind the brutality so strongly associated in the popular imagination with the white power skinhead scene in the 1990s, choosing instead to model itself on contemporary European neo-fascist movements, the so-called “third position” fascists like CasaPound, in Italy, and Bastion Social, in France.

Don’t misunderstand: Atalante was inspired by and is entirely in step with the violent fascist movements of the twentieth century. It is racist, antisemitic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-immigrant, and totally opposed to the harmonious coexistence of different cultures.

What Does Atalante Want?

The so-called “third position” fascist movements have a racist and ultranationalist worldview that promotes the absolute segregation of different ethnic groups and is based on an overall antisemitism disguised as a rejection of “globalization.” Atalante opposes any and all immigration with racist reasoning about “national priorities” (the slogan is: “Our people before others”), going as far as to propose the massive expulsion of all people connected to immigrant communities (developing the concept of “remigration”).

Atalante’s political vision is one of a return to an alleged golden age of the white, patriarchal, francophone Catholic nation, where women stay in the kitchen, people of colour stay in “their own countries,” and diversity is a sign of decadence to be squashed.

Groups like Atalante openly admire fascist dictators like Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and Pinochet. They are open about their complete hatred for progressive movements, feminists, and antiracists and are prone to attacking people they consider enemies.

Fascists promote intolerance and a hatred of difference.
Let’s use the power and the richness of our diversity to shut them down.
They Shall Not Pass!